What is the Best Time to Go to the Gym?

the best time to go to the gym

The best time to go to the gym depends on a lot of factors. Utilising the best moment to hit the gym enables you effectively maximise the benefits of going to the gym and avoid some distractions.

Factors Determining the Best time to Go to the Gym

There are a number of factors which influences the perfect time to visit the gym. Among these factors are your personal schedule and preference.

Other factors include knowing the gym rush hour and when it is less crowded to avoid that feeling of being rushed or waiting for the equipment you wish to use.

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Your Preference and Circadian Body Response

Knowing the way your body functions daily and how it responds to exercise by the hour will help you determine the best time. This fact is also supported by the American Council on Exercise.

It is claimed that morning hours is the best time to exercise. Sometimes, based on your preference or body cycle, you may prefer to exercise in the afternoon. But this is rare as the body temperature is at its peak in the afternoon and the muscles are often at this time overexerted on other activities.

The bottom-line is that you should stick with the period of the day that is most ideal for your body. If you feel better exercising in the morning, you have to choose this time as your best time to visit the gym. In the same vein if later in the day is OK by you, then settle for that.

You are advised to adjust into the exact way your body feels at various times of the day. If exercising in the morning is yielding little or no result, you may try moving your session to a different time of the day.

Speaking frankly, there is no universally accepted best time to go to the gym.

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The Best Time to Go to the Gym Depends on Your Personal Schedule

Another important factor in determining the best time to go to be gym is your personal schedule. A lot of gyms open early in the morning and closes late in the evening to accommodate subscribers with a tight schedule.

Hit the gym around the time that is most convenient for you. Harmonise the gym schedule with your personal schedule and work out the best time for yourself. You must try as much as possible to avoid any period of the day which would make you restless and rushed to get through your session.

Also avoid exercising immediately after eating or taking your meal. This practice is wrong and will cause you some digestive issues. Also your exercise performance may be hampered.

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Avoid Gym Rush Hours

Hitting the Gym at the gym rush hour minimises your workout productivity. You are subjected to a lot of complications such as waiting for the particular gym equipment you want to use; feeling rushed when you are using an equipment; or not getting a spot to exercise at all.

Gym rush hours often occur in the evening around the close of work time. This is because many people hit the gym on their way back from work. Very early in the morning may also be busy.

It is advised that to avoid a busy gym, you have to schedule your visit at a more convenient time. You may have to harmonise your schedule with that of the gym to ascertain the most suitable time for you.

Check Out the Gym Class Schedule

Most gyms organise class sessions for subscribers. These classes are organised according to the peculiar needs of the subscribers and other factors considered by the gym. Knowing the schedules of these classes will enable you determine the best time to go to the gym. Having a fitness instructor or trainer may also help you determine the best time to hit the gym. This is because, such trainer will share his or her schedule with you.

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