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What is the Best Martial Arts for Fitness 2021

It is general knowledge that martial arts is one of the best exercises to improve the general state and fitness of the body and mind. The field of martial art is vast. There are a lot of martial art exercises. You may want to know the best martial arts for fitness. If that is the case, I believe this article will help you.

However, I want you to understand that what determines the best martial arts exercise is subjective. It depends on the result you are looking out for. In other words, the best martial arts exercise depends on the particular aspect of fitness you wish to improve.

This article will discuss ten super martial arts exercises focused at improving your cardio and aerobic health. Particular areas of interest are strength, tactics, flexibility, mind-strength and stamina. These list is a catalogue of the best martial art for fitness – in relation to the areas stated above. If you want to stay fit and live healthier with martial arts exercises, you have to give this a try.

The Best Martial Art for Fitness 

  • Muay Thai Kick

Ha! That is the awesome surprise that meets you when you discover the Muay Thai Kick.

The Muay Thai Kick is a martial art exercise that is as awesome as its name. also known as “the art of eight limbs”, this martial art is one of the best if you desire to address your full-body fitness or some aspects such as strength-building and stamina.

The Muay Thai Kick involves a lot of techniques ranging from elbow and knee strikes to kicks and clinching.

To attain proficiency in this martial art move, and efficiently use it on an opponent, you will need to undergo some intense training. But the end result is so-so rewarding. It makes you a good fighter with an enhanced mobility and agility. The mobility/flexibility that Muay Thai give is amazing. It is always a delight watching a Muay Thai fighter perform a seamless roundhouse kick. This speaks a lot about the flexibility and balance that distinguishes this move. There is no doubt that your strength will evidently improve as you practice the Muay Thai kick. A good example is your core. When you practice this martial art, you will discover that from spinning elbows to flying knees, you find ease working your core in unimaginable and amazing ways.

You must however understand that training Muay Thai Kick will require you to undergo some gruelling conditioning and techniques-training. But I all, this martial art is worth its steak as one of the best martial art for fitness.

  • Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art exercise which involves fast-kicking skills and head-height. This is the best martial art exercise for if you want to build your stamina and endurance. It is a core exercise aimed at strengthening the lower body.

Taekwondo also involves some cardio and aerobic exercises.

There are a lot of high-intensity exercises fused into taekwondo, these exercises presents the right conditioning gears for the body. Some of these exercises include kick drills with heavy bags and dummies, weight training and working the agility ladder.

  • Judo

Judo is a Japanese martial art which came up in the 1800s and has grown in popularity like wide fire ever since.

This martial arts for fitness involves a mix of joint locks, throws and grappling. It is ideal for building your endurance. It is straining and requires a lot of stamina. Stamina is the sole deciding factor in Judo.

As a routine exercise, it requires some back and forth movements ranging from you being on your feet to rolling on the ground. It demands that you learn these moves and keep up on them without tiring out for a set time.

The advantage of Judo martial art workout is that it helps you expend stored up muscles. This is because it demands you use some reflex skills.

This martial art routine has a place in our “list of best martial arts for fitness” because of its proven efficiency.

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian jiu jitsu — also known as BJJ — is a martial art that involves some ground fighting and grappling. Its focus is on building your agility and mobility/flexibility.

Strength building is not emphasised in Brazilian jiu jitsu. Most times while training or competing in a BJJ competition, you are paired with opponents who are greater in strength. If you have the required skill/technique, you are most likely to submit/defeat that opponent.

As already stated, BJJ is targeted at enhancing your mobility and agility. It conditions other parts of your body and mind. It also changes your lifestyle and makes you understand and appreciate your being.

  • Capoeira

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art which is characterised with some form of dance movements.

It is targeted at getting your body metabolism working and enhancing your fitness level. As a martial art routine, capoeira utilises a harmony of speed, agility and strength. This martial art routine is carried out with a fast pace which requires a prime body balance. The end result of this is that your stamina and body balance is improved significantly. Capoeira also helps you build an exciting body image

Speed alone does not distinguish capoeira. To effectively utilise this martial art exercise, you must execute it in a fluid and continuous motion. This motion movement enables you to loosen your muscles and enhance your speed and balance.

You should condition your body to accommodate this martial arts routine.

  • Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a martial art style and military self-defence technique first employed by the Israel Defence Forces.

It involves styles aimed at strength-building and enhancing your endurance level. The moves consisted in Krav Maga includes kicks, punches, elbows, knees, blocks, take-downs and much more.

This is a high-intensity exercise session that improves your cardio health by helping you lose weight and gain muscle mass.

Speed and strength is paramount while fighting with Krav Maga. Knowing how to quickly use your Krav Maga skills will always help you win a fight or competition.

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  • Wing Chun

This is a Chinese martial art which became popular as a result of the famous sensation Ip Man.

Wing Chun as a workout routine require you to condition both your upper and lower body to enable you deliver the powerful punches and kicks which are typical of this martial art. It involves some footwork and stance. Thus, you are called to train your legs and to build strength and stamina.

  • Wrestling

Wrestling is a gruelling exercise that builds your fitness. However, the hazards involved in this exercise is enormous.

Wrestling consist of grappling, fighting, take-downs and clinch. It also involves some athletic activities.

This martial art exercise is basically targeted at building your endurance.

  • Mixed Martial Arts

This is one of the easiest and versatile martial art routines. It is aimed at working on your self-discipline.

Mixed martial arts involves some intense and fast-paced movements which stimulates your body and help your build a better body image. It also improves your body coordination and awareness. It is one of the best martial art for fitness. Mixed martial arts is very effective and will help you maintain a sound cardio health.

  • Boxing

Boxing is the last, but definitely not the least, on our list of best martial art exercise for fitness.

One of the interesting facts about boxing is that apart from helping you grow muscle mass, boxing is one of the best exercises for keeping fit, slim and strong. It helps you burn calories and live healthier.

Post Summary

The best martial arts exercises for fitness are:

  1. Muay Thai Kick
  2. Taekwondo
  3. Taekwondo
  4. Judo
  5. Brazilian jiu jitsu
  6. Capoeira
  7. Krav Maga
  8. Wrestling
  9. Mixed martial arts
  10. Boxing


If you are looking for the best martial art for fitness, be sure to pick any or a couple of the above listed exercises. Free Fitness Hub is always committed to give you useful fitness tips. This is why we are rated high as one of the Top 200 Fitness blogs on the web


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