What Does the BJJ Blue Belt Symbolise?

When you become a student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, one of the first things that will strike you is the different colours of belt — including the BJJ blue belt worn by other students .

These belts represent the experience levels of each person. These experiences include the time spent on the mats, competitions attended and the various skills gathered by the player. As a BJJ beginner, you start out with a white belt which symbolizes your nothingness and lack of BJJ experience.

The next belt level after the white belt is arguable one of the most important levels – the BJJ blue belt. The BJJ blue belt symbolizes more than just a next level-up, it is a crucial belt level that plays a big role in building your Jiu Jitsu reputation.

Other BJJ white belts start looking up to you for guidance and tutelage. You have to plan out the time spent as a blue belt to ensure you record a reward experience as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt.

The Meaning of a BJJ Blue Belt

The blue belt symbolises a lot. It means you are no longer a novice. As a blue belt, you now have the basic jiu jitsu skills and techniques and can apply them efficiently.

This comes with a lot of opportunities as well as responsibilities. The white belts look up to you when they start out. This is because they are the closest rank to them. The other higher belt levels seem too high up. Earning a BJJ blue belt therefore makes you a leader to BJJ beginners.

SUMMARY: a BJJ blue belt means that you have acquired some knowledge of jiu jitsu and every BJJ beginner look up to you to help them answer questions especially during jiu jitsu training.

The BJJ Blue Belt Experience

When you acquire your blue belt, the experience during jiu jitsu training will change. You will start experiencing a new feel. Everyone comes a bit harder on you.

This is unconnected to the fact that their expectation about you is high. It is assumed that you have acquired BJJ skills. So, BJJ beginners want to test out their skills and measure up their techniques; and upper belts want to make sure you don’t outsmart them.

You should not be frustrated because of this. In fact, this is an opportunity in disguise. It is a good time to develop your skills and enjoy yourself.

Since everyone has their attention on you, you must grab this chance to amass as much techniques as possible by always putting yourself out to compete. It is normal to submitted sometimes – even by white belts. You mustn’t win all of the time.

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The Golden Secret of Success as a BJJ Blue Belt

As a blue belt, you have enough skills to compete even with upper belts. Sometimes, you may have the privilege of submitting upper belts. This should not make you proud and make you lose you guard. So, stay humble. Humility is the golden secret which guarantees success in jiu jitsu.

We have also earlier said that you should not feel bad when you are submitted by a white belt. This should rather be a nudge to push you to tighten some lose-ends in your jiu jitsu training.

One of the best ways to up your game is by engaging in BJJ drilling. Since you have a lot of opportunities to learn as a blue belt.

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The blue belt level is adjudged the longest belt level in the journey to attain a black belt. Many persons get frustrated at this level because the lack the knowledge about the core principles of jiu jitsu. You should not be discouraged or frustrated when it seems the journey is getting too long. The blue belt level can be fun if you adopt the right jiu jitsu mindset.

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