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This is a guest post by Richard Moore. Richard, A renowned Athlete who have won many medals in Relay Races exposes the basic skills in relay race.

I began my running career as a runner in relay race teams. This was in the early years of my schooling and I went on to represent my school in sub-district, district, and mini-state level competitions. I have participated in marathons and other long distance races too, but what really built me is my personal life experiences.

These personal life experiences translates to my many skills in relay races. This article is designed to discuss the basic skills in relay races and how you can become a better athlete.

What is Relay Race?

Relay race, often known as Relay, is a track and field discipline that consists of a series of four leg races (4). Each stage is completed by a member of a relay team. In a relay race, the runner who completes one leg must normally hand the baton to the next runner while both runners are running in a designated exchange zone.

The Basic Skills in Relay Races

What are the basic skills in relay races? In other words, what skills are required to perform outstandingly well in relay races? The skills in relay races are:

#1. Teamwork

#2. Speed

#3. Strength and stamina

#4. Determination and motivation

#5. Fighting spirit

#6. Ability to perform under pressure

Other skill set that must be ensured are:

  1. Having a good head-start
  2. The last running must be the most skilled in sprinting.

#1. Teamwork

Every relay race require teamwork. To achieve result, all runners must be good team players. A runner who is more concerned about “self” cannot help the team. In fact, if the best sprinter in the team is selfish, the team will hardly win any medal.

#2. Speed

Speed is the soul of every race. Runner with speed in relay races will always take the day everything being equal. This skill in relay races is most important for the first and last runners. That is the starter and the finisher in the relay race. A starter with speed gives the team the much need advantage in the start of the race, while the finisher with a super speed helps the team to cancel or reduce any space lost.

#3. Strength and Stamina

Strength is a vital skill in relay races. It take a little more extra strength is outran better opponents who have better starters. If you have a good starter with a super speed, the next runners with the requisite strength will lead the team to victory.

#4. Determination and Motivation

The team need to be determined. No successful relay team has ever achieved success without determination. A determined team will always cancel deficits no matter how slim the chances may be. If players are determined, they will run to win even when they get the baton pretty late. Players or runners also require motivation. The waiter must learn to motivate the runner to beef up pace. This is crucial.

#5. Fighting Spirit

Fighting spirit is the willingness to achieve set goals despite perceivable obstacles. Runners in relay races must have a high fighting spirit to succeed in athletic events.

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#6. Ability to Perform under Pressure

This is similar to having a good fighting spirit. Runners in relay races are often subjected to the pressure of making up for a deficit allowed by a previous co-runner.


The skills in relay races are – Teamwork, Speed, Strength and stamina, Determination and motivation, Fighting spirit, and the Ability to perform under pressure.

Other skill set that must be ensured are:

  1. Having a good head-start
  2. The last running must be the most skilled in sprinting

How to do Relay Races

In relay races, the first player gives a supper head-start. The first player should be able to take off like a rocket and sprint fast to meet the teammate who is ready to receive the baton. This great head-start can work wonders. It will give the team an advantage. The team members will get charged up and motivated, and it will also put pressure on the rival teams.

To ensure you deficits are closed, the last runner must be a top-class sprinter who zooms to the finish. This athlete must have a great fighting spirit. The last runner should not succumb to pressure even if the situation is one of having to catch up with rivals who are ahead. The runner’s mind must be set on winning.

The runner has to go all out to finish the race first by employing all the stamina.

Pro Tip Skills in Relay Races

It is clear that all runners in the team must be good sprinters. In addition, the 2nd and 3rd runners must smoothly take-over from their predecessor, and then handover smoothly to their successors. They must be seen as “bridges” in addition to being great sprinters.

What if one of the players is a highly skilled sprinter but not so good at smooth takeover and hand over? A practical option often used is to use such a person as the first runner, since the first runner has only one interface (handover to the second runner) and smooth handovers are relatively less difficult than a smooth takeover.

My experiences as a relay runner have greatly helped me in my role as a manager and leader of teams. Every one of my team member brings his or her own set of talents and skills. It is my responsibility as their manager and leader to understand their strengths, and fit them in the right role so that they do well and the team also does well.


explain the objectives and skills that will be developed through relays and races?

Relays and races are not only important for winning medals at competitions. The objectives of relays and races include:

#1. Relays and races help you to build resistance and a positive aggression in life.

#2. It helps you to build your stamina and stamina.

#3. Relay races and races generally helps you to acquire a better mental attitude in life, like an unyielding or fighting spirit spirit.

Can I improve my relay race skills by learning to play races and relay games?

Yes! Learning to play races and relay games is interesting because it affords you the opportunity to access the ability of other runners. These races and relay games also have artificial intelligence that provides valuable data on areas you need to improve.

What is more? You can implement some of the pro techniques and skills learnt from these virtual races and relay games.


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