The Agile 8 Mobility and Warm Up Routine

agile 8

What is Agile 8?

The Agile 8 is a collection of mobility techniques and warm up exercises that serves helps minimize the occurrence of injuries and pain during intense exercise.

Sometimes you visit the gym and you are just at a fix about how to start off. You know you need a warm up session but you are at a loss as to the right routine to take.

It is right to have some introductory and opening exercises before engaging in muscle staining exercises. We’ve got your back. The right preparatory routine is the “Agile 8 Routine”.

The Agile 8 Mobility and Warm Up Routine has a lot of benefits, chiefly among which is that it protects you against injury and highlights the particular parts of the body you should give more attention.

With the Agile 8 routines, you would be sure to secure and improve your fitness stat.

How do I Perform the Agile 8 Warm Up?

As already stated, the Agile 8 consists of a couple of warm up exercises and movement/mobility techniques that is ideal for relaxing your rigid tissues and setting up for more intense exercise.

It usually starts with foam rolling on 3 major lower body parts. These routines are the IT bands, piriformis and adductor. Below are the various ways of performing these routines –

  1. IT Bands

Martial Art for Fitness


To perform IT bands, lay on your side on the foam roller, then pull yourself up with the strength of one of your arms. Your feet should be planted firmly on your mat and place the other hand on your waist just above the hips as you slide or roll from your hip down to your knee. This is one of the simplest routines and it is a part of the agile 8 sessions.

  1. Piriformis Stretch–

warm up routine


This is a great hip opener. To perform this warm up exercise,all you need to do is sit on the foam roller or on a shair with your leg crossed onto the opposite knee, then roll up and down across your glute as shown above.

  1. Adductor



To perform this Agile 8 warm up, Lie down on your side and raise your head using your hand as support just as shown above. Then fix one leg to the ground as shown and lift the other straight leg up and down.

After doing the above, you should proceed to some other dynamic drills, such as:

4. Frog Jump

warm up exercises

The frog jump mobility routine is my favourite Agile 8 routine and is among the best warm-up exercises. It is simple and fun. It is done just as shown above. Reserve this movement and take as much repetitions as you can. You may want to save this routine for the last as it is exciting and thus has the tendency of making you spending much time glued to it.

5. Agile 8 Groiner Stretch –


groiner stretch


This Agile 8 mobility routine is targeted at enhancing your mobility by relaxing the muscles around the groins. You perform this by sinking into a deep lunge with your hands on the round and your forward foot placed outside your hand. Just perform as shown in the animation.

6. V-Sit Ups –

The V–Sit Roll Over is a very interesting warm up exercise. You sit on the ground with your legs in front of you. You then roll back until your toes touch the ground behind your head. Just like you are folding yourself in two. You then spread your legs in a straddle.

7. Hip Rotation


Perform the hip rotation by placing your palms and knees on the ground. You must make sure your torso is stable as you trace circles with one knee. This is very simple and effective.

8. First Baseman Stretch


The first baseman stretch is the last in our list of agile 8 warm up routines. This can be carried out when you lunge and touch your knee to the ground. You then raise your arm on the same direction/side as your grounded knee and lean forward to stretch your hip flexor.

When you complete the Agile 8, your hips will have become loosened up and your nervous system will have been placed on alert for the intense workout of the day. Never begin an intense workout session without this Agile 8 warm up. It imparts your body and set it in tune for a productive gym or indoor workout.



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