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The 7 Best At-Home Exercises for Weight-Loss

If you wish to lose weight, there are a couple of at-home exercises for weight-loss you can do to achieve this goal. Exercises which increases your heart rate and energizes your body are ideal for weight-loss. The advantage is that these at-home exercises do not require loads of equipment . However, no amount of exercises for weight-loss can help you lose weight if you do not eat right. This is because, as bad as the saying goes, “you can’t out-train a bad diet”.

7 Best At-Home Exercises for Weight-Loss

Explore the following workouts designed to help you lose weight while at home. The best at-home exercises for weight loss are;

  1. No-push-up burpee
  2. kettlebell squat to high pull
  3. goblet squats
  4. skater jumps
  5. Rotate-elevate
  6. plank jacking mountain climbers
  7. Dumbbell pull complex

#1. No-Push-Up Burpee

This full-body exercise helps shred lots of calories. This is because it increases your heart rate and sets your body metabolism running. It is also easily modifiable.


  • Stand feet shoulder-width apart and arms by your sides.
  • Then bend your knees as you reach forward to place your hands on the floor.
  • Step or jump your legs straight out behind you into a plank, and then step your legs back under your body.
  • Jump straight up into the air as you reach your arms overhead. (Take out the jump if needed.)
  • Conclude with your knees slightly bent, then do three to five sets of ten repetitions with a minute of rest amid each set.

#2. Kettlebell Squat to High Pull

Many workout enthusiasts believe this to be one of the best at-home exercises for weight-loss. This is because it impacts every muscle in the body.


  • With your feet shoulder-width apart, clutch the handle of a moderate-weight kettlebell between your legs
  • Then you squat with your back kept flat.
  • Then, pull the kettlebell to your shoulder height with your elbows out as you drive through the legs to return to a standing position.
  • Lower the kettlebell back to between your legs and repeat.
  • Then do ten to fifteen reps.

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#3. Goblet Squats

Goblet squats is one of the 7 best workouts for weight-loss you can do at home. It is reputed for helping to build lower-body strength and improving muscle activity. Another factor that makes this exercise one of the best at-home exercises for weight-loss is that it requires just a little practice space and can be done using a kettlebell, dumbbell or alternatives such as a heavy book or a keg or jug of laundry detergent.


  • Holding a kettlebell, dumbbell or any alternative, stand with your feet between your hip and shoulder-width apart.
  • Lower your body into a squat (while Keeping your core tight, your neck neutral, your back flat and dumbbell, kettlebell or any alternative in contact with your body) until your elbows touch your knees.
  • Then, drive your heels into the ground as you return to the starting position.
  • Do 10 reps.

#4. Skater jumps

Skater jumps are a phenomenon. It is one of the best at-home workouts for weight-loss. As a plyometric or jumping movement, it is reputed to help increase the heart rate and also brace the legs and middle body.


  • Begin with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Jump to the right and land on your right leg only on the right side of your mat. Ensure your left leg is tucked behind your right calf.
  • Then jump across to the other side of the mat onto your left leg. Ensure your left leg is tucked behind your left calf.
  • Then repeat 30 seconds on and off each for 10 minutes.

#5. Rotate-Elevate


  • Begin in a side plank, supporting yourself on your bottom elbow and placing your top arm behind your head.
  • Then rotate your top elbow toward the floor as if you were trying to tuck it toward your trunk.
  • Keep your pelvis level with little to no rotation. This will make you feel tension in the sides of your abs.
  • Bring your elbow back toward the starting position behind your head.
  • If you want to beef it up a bit, you can end each move by lifting your top knee up to tap your elbow.
  • Do 10 reps on each side.

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#6. Plank Jacking Mountain Climbers

Just like goblet squats, this astounding metabolism-increasing and fast-fat-burning workout requires just a little workout space.


  • While in a high plank, perform a couple of mountain climbers, bringing one knee up to the chest, and then switching (left, right, left, right).
  • Then, jump your feet apart, toward the outside of your mat, and back together four times, like you’re doing a jumping jack on the floor.
  • After performing the plank jacks, complete another set of mountain climbers.
  • If you want to beef it up a bit, you can loop a resistance band around your ankles as you complete the exercise.
  • Do some reps by alternating between mountain climbers and plank jacks for 60 seconds.

#7. Dumbbell Pull Complex

Dumbbell pull complex help you Stimulate your metabolism while firing up your upper-body muscles, including your back, biceps, upper back and forearms. It is an upper-body exercise which combines a compound horizontal and vertical pull pattern that increases your heart rate. it is one of the best at home exercises to lose weight.


  • Holding a dumbbell in each hand, perform two bent-over rows — lean forward at 45 degrees, let the dumbbells hang in front of your chest, and then pull them up to the sides of your chest.
  • Perform one high pull — stand up and row the dumbbells from your thighs to your shoulders, elbows flaring out and up.
  • Conclude with one biceps curl — curl the weights from thighs to shoulders, bending at your elbows.
  • Repeat as much rounds as you can in two minutes, and then rest for 1 minute. Repeat up to 4 times.



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