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The 3 Best Muay Thai Conditioning Exercises – Martial Arts

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Most martial arts students are lost because they are confused as to the best conditioning exercises which they need to stay fit and record good points in the sport. One of these confusions can be seen in the aspect of Muay Thai Conditioning. It has been complained at different fora that there are very little strength building exercises in the area of martial arts, especially Muay Thai sport.

To solve this problem, I have selected three super martial arts conditioning exercise for you. These selections have been effective as the best Muay Thai conditioning exercises.

these Muay Thai conditioning exercises which comprises mainly of  lifting objects may be very challenging for the martial arts students who are more concerned about fighting and breaking arms.

Our list of best Muay Thai conditioning exercises is sifted from a long list of martial arts exercises, comprising of over 10,000 martial arts exercises.

These workouts are the best because they consist of the most efficient and useful movements for the Muay Thai sport. A lot of athletes who use these conditioning attest that it is the best because it helps them achieve the best performance in the form of strength and speed. They also report that these Muay Thai conditioning increases their overall athletic attributes. An added advantage is that these conditioning improves your mobility and help you build resilience against injury. This is possible because it enhances your shape and form.

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Shortlisted Best Muay Thai Conditioning

 Muay Thai Conditioning #1: Front Squats 

The first in our list of best Muay Thai Conditioning Exercises is the Front Squat. It is very useful at energising and strengthening the trunk and lower body. This it does so well while still sparing the knees and the lower back from experiencing the strain and stress associated with back squatting.

It is also helpful for improving the ankle, kneels and hip mobility. This comes to the for when you constantly practice this Muay Thai Conditioning.

Some experts say it is the best conditioning because of its versatility. It can be performed using just a single or double kettleell, barbell, or dumbbells.

Taking three sets of five repetitions is ideal.

 Muay Thai Conditioning #2: Deadlifts

This is an awesome muay thai training that is believed to be the most vital conditioning exercises for martial arts. Most experts tag this muay thai training as the number one in their list of strength and conditioning for muay thai.

The bottom line is that this muay thai training is a great strength resource for every fighter. According to a particular writer, “if you are not deadlifting you are missing out on some huge strength gain.”

We acknowledge the great benefits of this muay thai training, that is why it made our list of best Muay Thai conditioning exercises.

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 Muay Thai Conditioning #3: Pull Ups

Pull up is a very useful and interesting exercise. It is the ideal workout for you if your sport demands you to pull your own body weight or influence the weight of your opponent. In relation to Muay Thai, pull ups enables you to improve your strength in the chinch, especially weighted chin ups because they enhance your clinching position directly.

It is advised that if you want to perform this exercise, you should perform a rep ladder drill while super setting with a lower body press – example front squats.

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The routine would go in the following manner:

  • Complete your 1st pull up and proceed immediately to perform the front squat and perform 2 reps.
  • Return to the chin up and perform two repetitions.
  • Then return to the front squat.
  • Keep climbing the ladder until you complete a maximum of 3 repetitions.

You may also wish to perform other muay thai training and conditioning such as the single-arm push-ups and sprints.

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