the body image of a female weightlifter

Potential Body Image of a Female Weightlifter

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One of the basic concerns in training a female weightlifter is the concern about their body image and their body-weight. This is even more disturbing when we consider the modern societal culture and expectation that a female is to take a pageantry appearance or body image – full of fashion and model. This societal perception is irrational when it comes to the issue of a female weightlifter. She has a life of her own and should be allowed to wear the regular body image of a weightlifter which she is. The society should respect that. 

Does a Female Weightlifter Take the Body Form of Bodybuilder?

The body image of a female weightlifter depends on the activities and lifestyle which she performs and adopts. You cannot take a body form which is distinct from the end result of your exercise activities.

A female weightlifter often takes the form of a bodybuilder because of the strength-building training they undergo to accommodate competitive weights.

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However, this is not the case in all instances. You need not look like a bodybuilder to qualify as a weightlifter. Expecting a weightlifter to take the form of all bodybuilder only demonstrates ignorance.

You must also understand that the height of a weightlifter determines the amount of bodybuilding required. Sometimes, weightlifters may need to build their muscle mass in order to withstand competitive weight. A tall weightlifter would require more muscle mass than a weightlifter who is less in height. The reason is simple – the limbs operates as a lever system. The lengthier the lever system, the more difficult it becomes to move. So more energy will be required to move the it. It gets to a stage where you would need to use your extra muscle mass to move the limb against competitive weight or resistance.

Morphology of A Weightlifter

Professional weightlifters wear the look which is the aftermath of the training they underwent to achieve excellence in their competitions. This look may be contrary to the societal expectation or ideal of feminine mien.

A published thesis study reveals the body-weight-to-height ratio of professional level female weightlifters.


Weight ClassMin.Max.MeanStandard Deviation
48 kg (105 lb)4 ft 6.7 in5 ft4ft 10.3 in1.95 in
53 kg (116 lb)4ft 10.7 in5 ft 1.2 in5 ft1.08 in
58 kg (127 lb)4ft 11.3 in5 ft 2.6 in5 ft 0.7 in1.21 in
63 kg (138 lb)4ft 11 in5 ft 3.8 in5 ft 1.9 in1.80 in
69 kg (152 lb)5 ft5 ft 4.6 in5 ft 2.4 in1.57 in
75 kg (165 lb)5 ft 2.6 in5 ft 5.9 in5 ft 4.2 in1.43 in


If you are female and you wish to achieve the elite/professional level of weightlifting competition, you most endeavour to go beyond the body-weight-to-height ratios of superstars.


The body image of a female weightlifter is dependent on the training activities performed by the weightlifter. If you engage in high-intensity exercises, you are most likely to grow muscle mass. Taller weightlifters are required to build more muscle mass to move their limbs against resistance.


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