Matt Lucas Weight Loss: 2022 Before and After Weight Loss Pictures

Matt Lucas weight loss photo

Matt Lucas Weight Loss

Matt Lucas weight loss has generated a lot of comments among followers and fans. Following the return of the popular show on Tuesday, Great British Bake Off star Matt Lucas was inundated with comments about his slimmed down appearance.  The TV presenter has opened up about the reason behind his decision to lose weight.

“My dad died when he was 52, very suddenly,” he explained to the Mid Point podcast. His father died, I believe, at the age of 56, so I was looking at the law of averages here. I was huge, and I was only getting bigger during the pandemic. “I’m not very active, I’m not really going out, I’m not seeing people, I’m just eating a lot of roast potatoes.”

“I was so big I couldn’t really fit on the screen anymore,” he continued. Matt Lucas added that he was “relieved” to have lost some weight. Matt also revealed that he has reduced his eating habits and goes for regular walks to help him on his journey.

Fans rushed to express their support for Matt, with one writing, “Matt, you look great. Mate, congrats on your weight loss. Also, great picture.” “Holy hell at the weight loss of @RealMattLucas – he looks really well,” said another.

Matt Lucas weight Loss pictures

Matt talked about his weight loss.

“I’ve lost some weight, I needed to take the edge off, because I put on a lot of weight in lockdown,”. Matt said. “I just had to do something about it,” he added. To this comment, Lorraine replied, “Yes, just eat less and move around a little more. That’s kind of what you have to do… I still have a bit of a tum, I still have a bit of a tum, I’m not a skinny Minnie.”

Matt Lucas weight Loss Interview

Matt Lucas of The Great British Baking Show is speaking out about his dramatic weight loss.

During an interview with Gabby Logan on the Mid Point podcast, the comedian, 48, explained his decision to change his lifestyle and lose weight during the COVID-19 pandemic. “My father died when he was 52, very suddenly,” he explained, adding that his grandfather died at the age of 56. “I was looking at the law of averages here,” Lucas explained, recognizing how close those ages were to his own.

“I was very big, and I was getting bigger in the pandemic,” the Little Britain star and author continued. Not being very active, not going out much, not seeing people, just eating a lot. “I was so big that I couldn’t fit on screen anymore.”

Lucas also insisted that his weight loss was not as dramatic as it appears. “I’m not skinny,” he admitted on the podcast. “I’ve recently lost some weight.” I’ve gone from a XXL, sometimes a XXXL, to a medium.”

Is Matt Lucas’ weight loss caused by drugs, smoking or guilty pleasures?

He stated that he is not interested in drugs or smoking and that he “rarely” drinks, explaining that “it’s really just the food.”

But, by cutting back, Lucas is not depriving himself of non-guilty pleasures. “I just don’t eat as much,” he explained, “but I still eat sweets.”

A dozen of Britain’s best home bakers have returned to the iconic white tent on a sprawling country estate to have their creations judged by industry legends Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith.

Lucas Matt After weight Loss

“Over the next ten weeks, they’ll face 30 brand new challenges designed to put every ounce of their baking ability to the test,” said the show’s producers.

Each episode, as in previous seasons, will feature three challenges over the course of a weekend: a signature bake, a technical (blind) bake, and a showstopper bake — each themed differently.

Starting with “a batch of scrumptious signature sandwiches, a classic American cake that will catch some red-handed, and a show-stopping home bake that will expose any shaky foundations,” Lucas said in the trailer.

This year’s bakers are as diverse as ever, with a music teacher, a nanny, and a former charity director among them, as well as an IT manager, an architectural assistant, and a nuclear scientist.

“I’ve always wanted to apply, but I’ve never had the courage to do so.”

“I thought I’d give it a try this year, and now I’m here,” one baker explained, before admitting she’s “so worried.”

“I work behind the checkout in a supermarket.” This is the most important thing I’ve ever done. “Things like this don’t happen to me,” another added, while her competitor joked, “My partner said, ‘Fake it until you make it,’ and that’s what I’m doing.”

At least one competitor is there for reasons other than baking. “I’m curious to see if Paul’s eyes are as blue in real life as people say,” she said, referring to a popular Game of Thrones character. “You know, like a White Walker or something.” Examine your soul!”

The Great British Baking Show is now available on demand.


Matt Lucas weight loss journey was swift and really unexpected. While many fans think his weight to be a bargaining cheap for his career, there are many who think he looks better without it.

Watch this video to see Matt Lucas weight loss journey:


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