Lose a Pound in a Day- Fact or Fable?

If you are trying to know whether or not you can lose a pound in a day, we want you to understand that weight change is constant and is influenced by so many factors. It is normal to experience daily weight variations in a day.

The factors which determines these changes include your diet, your exercise activities and your hydration level. Weight adds are not often as a result of fats in the body. Most of the weight we weigh on the scale may be as a result of the body water mass.

So, while it may be possible to lose a pound in a day, this may just be a shredding of water weight not fat weight.

Losing Water Weight Vs Fat Weight 

The amount of fluid you take in a day may fluctuate your weight. Although it has been observed that taking extra fluid may temporarily increase body mass, it should also be noted that staying dehydrated can also increase the water the body retains. This is because, the body will strive to hold up as much water as it requires to function.

Drinking enough water daily and taking diet that are low in salt level may provide the impression that are losing a pound or two in the scale. Note that this does not mean that you have dropped a pound of fat. Your body is simply retaining less fluid.

SUMMARY: There are diet plans that may make you lose one pound in a day, but these pound often do not represent pounds of fats. What is typically released is water weight. Seeing yourself lose a pound in a day really feels amazing, but you must know that it takes longer than just a day to lose an actual pound of fats.

What Does It Takes to Lose a Pound of Fat Weight?

Study the following analysis carefully:

  • 1 pound of fat = 3,500 calories

Therefore, for you to lose a pound, you must limit your calorie intake by 3,500.

Studies have shown that, on an average, adults burn between 1,600 and 3,000 calories in a day depending on their age, size, gender and exercise or activity level. This means that it is most unlikely to achieve a 3,500 calorie deficit in a day. Therefore, as it relates to fat weight, losing a pound in a day is likely impossible.

SUMMARY: With the above analysis, if you eventually burn 3,500 or more calories in a day, you could drop a pound in a day. However, this would only be possible on a starvation or near starvation diet. This will lead to nutritional deficiency. This method is not safe as it could expose you to the risk of gallstone.

Important Tip

The recommended pound loss for an average person in a week is one to two pounds. Anything beyond this is not safe. So, do not engage in any exercise that promises to help you lose a pound in a day.

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Can Patients With Special Health Conditions Lose One Pound In a Day?

Patients with health conditions such as obesity are commonly prescribed a very-low calorie nutrition which contain about 800 or less calories per day.

Patients with special health conditions, despite their health challenges and diet routine, do not lose a pound (of fat in) a day, instead, they usually burn an average of three to five pounds of fat in a week.

They’re placed on these diets to salvage immediate health emergencies relating to their belly weight or size. They are basically not subjected to this routine for more than three months because of the possible health risks of expedited weight loss.

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Exercise, Dehydration and Pounds Lost

Some extreme exercises could make you think you lost a pound or more in a day. This isn’t fat weight. What is lost during difficult or hard workout session is often times water weight or sweat.

This is because, sweat or respiration only result in excessive body fluid loss, which would always pop up on the scale as weight loss.

Simple Analogy

To understand the analogy of fat weight loss and body fluid loss, you may want to engage in a difficult exercise like indoor cycling or mile/distance running in a hot condition.

After doing this exercise, take a scale measurement of your weight, and you will be amazed to see that you’ve burned a pound or more of weight. After this, re-hydrate with sixteen to twenty-four ounces of water or fluid for each of the pounce lost during your exercise.

You will see that your weight will return to it erstwhile position. If you don’t take the adequate quantity of fluid after an intense exercise, it may appear that you’ve really shredded some weight.

Some persons use dehydration as a weight-loss technique. This is wrong and could result in adverse health condition. This method can also affect your performance in exercises and can affect your organ health and energy level.

Digestion and Weight Variation

The weight scale measures every tissue in the body including muscles, bones, fats, fluids and all body organs. It also measures all connecting tissues and undigested food.

So, if you take a weight measurement after a heavy night meal and another in the morning, you will realise that the measurement taken in the morning is likely to show that you have shred some weight. This is not fat loss. What this represent is the difference between your actual weight and your undigested meal.

Conclusion Knowing If you Can Lose a Pound in a Day

We have explained with typical examples that it is unlikely to lose a pound of fat in a day. Exercises which claims to help you lose a pound in a day may be very risky for health. You should be careful while engaging in some exercises. If you want to lose fat weight fast, you are advised to consult a certified fitness instructor.

You may also want to read some our articles which provides more opportunities to lose fat weight appropriately. Some of these methods include taking the appropriate diet. Example the watermelon diet or taking beverages that are law in calories, example, Green tea .

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