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Aesthetician and Esthetician: Definitions and Differences 2021

Aesthetician vs Esthetician: Definitions and Differences … A lot of confusion exists, especially among lay people, about the difference between an Aesthetician and an Esthetician. Aestheticians and estheticians are both professionals in the skincare industry. Although their job titles sound quite similar, they don’t perform the same duties. An Aestheticians is a skincare personnel who […]

butt chin surgery
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Butt Chin Surgery: How to Add or Remove Cleft Chin 2021

Butt Chin Surgery: How to Add or Remove Cleft Chin… A butt chin, popularly referred to as “cleft chin” is a chin with a Y-shaped dimple in the middle with an underlying bony peculiarity. Butt chin are commonly a genetic trait. While some people consider cleft chins a thing of beauty, there are many who […]

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You’re vaccinated against COVID-19. Now what?

You’re vaccinated against COVID-19. Now what? If You’re vaccinated against COVID-19, you might think it’s safe to return to a pre-pandemic way of life. Although you are now protected from infection and can enjoy some things you weren’t able to do over the past year, experts advise it is important to follow local public health […]

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If You Are Fully Vaccinated Against Covid-19, What’s Next?

If You Are Fully Vaccinated Against Covid-19, What’s Next? How to Protect Yourself and Others If you are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, you still have to observe some safety measures to protect yourself and others. Below are some Covid-19 safer activities for you and your family. Covid-19 Safer Activities for You and Your Family Friends […]

how to cook navy beans and navy beans benefits
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10 Benefits of Navy Beans and How to Cook Navy Beans

10 Benefits of Navy Beans and How to Cook Navy Beans Aside learning how to cook navy beans, you should as well know that although Navy beans appear commonplace or insignificant, they have many health benefits. Some of the benefits of navy beans includes: their ability to boost cognition and memory protect the heart, optimize […]

Comorbid: Comorbidities of Covid 19
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Comorbid: Comorbidities of Covid 19

Comorbid: Comorbidities of Covid 19 As strange as it may sound, it’s common for people to be diagnosed with multiple illnesses or conditions at once. This condition is known as comorbidity. With the advent of Covid 19, comorbid has gained more popularity. Comorbidities are multiple disorders in a person at the same time. For example, […]

Hypersexuality Treatments
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Hypersexuality Treatments-Compulsive Sexual Behaviour

Compulsive Sexual Behaviour- Hypersexuality Treatments Compulsive sexual behavior is also called hypersexuality, hypersexuality disorder or sexual addiction. Hypersexuality is an excessive preoccupation with sexual fantasies, urges or behaviors that is difficult to control, causes you distress, or negatively affects your health, job, relationships or other parts of your life. Compulsive sexual behavior may involve a […]

mesothelioma treatment - mesothelioma survival rate - lung disease
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Mesothelioma Treatment and Survival Rate – 2021 Guide

This article discusses everything you need to know about mesothelioma, mesothelioma treatment and survival rate. Mesothelioma, also called pleural disease is an unusual kind of cancer that affects the lining of the chest or abdominal cavities known as the mesothelium. It is most often attributed to exposure to airborne asbestos particles. Asbestos fibers are naturally […]

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Is Sharp Pain in Neck a Health Risk?

Is Sharp Pain in Neck a Health Risk? Your neck is made up of vertebrae that extend from the skull to the upper torso. Cervical discs absorb shock between the bones. The bones, ligaments, and muscles of your neck support your head and allow for motion. Any abnormalities, inflammation, or injury can cause neck pain […]

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Braces Bracket: How to fix a Broken Bracket

This article provides a guide on how to fix a broken bracket. In addition, it also tells you what to do when your braces brackets or wire become damaged or broken. Braces brackets or wires can get damaged or broken. This usual inconvenience can rapidly cause uneasiness and sometimes severe pain. Causes of Broken Bracket […]