Glute or Ass Massage Techniques and Benefits in 2022

ass massage techniques 2022
ass massage on running tap
ass massage on running tap

When I got introduced to therapeutic massage, I had a rather base sense of what glute or ass massage was about. This was in the Summer of 2009 when I visited a spar for glute massage near me. A friend had recommended that I go for a  deep tissue glute massage. That decision was the beginning of my journey as a Massage Therapist. For one, it made me realize how important it is to massage the ass. For me, I had thought that massaging your buttocks make it bigger, but that spar visit opened my eyes to the many other benefits of glute massage.

Ass massage AKA butt massage or glute massage
Ass massage AKA butt massage or glute massage
Ass massage techniques and skills
Ass massage techniques and skills

With over 10 years experience as a massage therapist, I have gathered considerable knowledge, and now I’m here to share some interesting facts with you.

In this article, some of the important things you will learn include:

  • glute massage techniques
  • deep tissue glute massage
  • glute massage tools
  • glute massage benefits
  • self glute massage
  • Does massaging your buttocks make it bigger
  • Ass massage and back massage therapy

Whether your aim is to get a butt massage to relieve a tight angle, wondering if it can help you get better from a hard day at work, or you find an ass massage to be a fun warm-up activity for a bedroom frolic, here’s what you need to know about butt massage.

Ass massage pictures

Deep Tissue Glute Massage Techniques

ass massage techniques 1
ass massage techniques 1

Below are the best techniques for deep tissue glute massage:

Step 1:

Before the massage, place a heating pad, set to low heat, on the gluteal muscle group. The body muscles respond best to massage when they are heated or warm. Ensure you keep the heating pad on low heat for several minutes.

Step 2:

Locate the precise position of the gluteus maximus. The gluteus maximus is located at the top of the gluteus, starting from the center of the lower back. This muscle runs across the top of two other muscles in the gluteal group. The gluteus maximus feels like a thick band of muscle that runs diagonally from the center of the lower back down toward the hip.

Step 3:

Knead the muscle out, beginning gently and gradually building up pressure as tolerated. Use the base of your palms and your fingers to dig into the muscle and work the knots out.

How to do a self Glute Massage

You can massage your glute yourself. In other words, it is possible to have a self glute massage. To massage your gluteus maximus yourself, you need a tennis ball or a foam roller. Sit on a tennis ball, positioning it into the tightest part of the gluteus maximus. The gluteus maximus is found at the top of the gluteus, beginning at the top of the lower back. Control your body weight with your arms to avoid too much pressure before you’re ready for it. Move your hips in a circular motion over the ball to massage the area.

Glute Massage Tip 1: Lower-back pain is often due to tightness in your gluteus maximus. Try using these massage techniques to alleviate back pain. Unless you’re very close to the person you’re massaging, use towels to cover areas that you’re not actively massaging to maintain modesty.

Glute Massage Tools

With increase in technological advancement there are self sufficient machines for glute massage. The glute massager is the most sophisticated among them. It is designed for people of different age and body build.

Other glute massage tools include the the glute massage balls, foam roller and a tennis ball (if you wish).

Glute Massage Benefits

The benefits of glute massage is quite impressive. The butt’s gluteal muscles is one of the biggest muscle tissue in the body. They help the body to stand firm or steady; are essential for mobility and are responsible for maintaining the body’s posture.

Aside being the pillar upon which the butt sits,  the gluteal muscle is one of the main pillars of the human body. When you have a deep tissue glute massage, you stimulate the body metabolism and keep the hip muscles in shape.

The main benefits of glute massage is that it enables the gluteal muscles to perform its main tasks of mobility, stability and posture.

If the gluteal muscles are weak or frail from improper use, the glutes can cause various problems ranging from low back and hip pain to a shortened range of motion. It is necessary to also have a back massage with the ass massage.

Glute Massage Tip 2: Ass massage help treat pain related problems. A butt or ass massage is designed to stretch and push the glute muscles. Ass massage can boost blood circulation, improve your range of motion, and also increase your muscle stability.

List of Benefits of ass massage

butt massage therapy
butt massage therapy Photo Credit: 

Butt massage provides a lot of benefits for your body. These benefits include better range of movement in your lower half, pain relief, increased circulation, and faster muscle recovery. It also happens to be an exciting, pleasurable and sensual activity for couples (the muscle benefits are a happy side effect).

The benefits of butt or ass massage can be categorized as follows:

#1.  Benefits of Butt massage in relation to back pain

#2. Benefit of Ass massage for leg pain

#3. Improved range of movement

#4. Improved athletic performance

#5. Benefit of ass massage for Pregnancy

#6. Benefit of butt massage during Sensual Activity

#1.  Benefits of Butt massage in relation to back pain

Over 80 % of Americans will at some point in their lives experience low back pain. For some people, the pain will be protracted and almost devastating.

Before considering surgery or other prescription medicine, butt or ass massage therapy may be an effective way to get rid of back pain and mend your range of motion.

Ass massage may help relieve back pain from:

  1. a bruise in the buttocks, such as from a fall or injury
  2. Sciatica – a sharp, burning pain that radiates over the buttocks from the sciatic nerve
  3. herniated disc: herniated disc happens when there is weakening of the cushion between the bodies of vertebral bones
  4. tailbone pain
  5. tight glutes

Massaging your butt or ass helps relax the very vital gluteal muscles and eases pressure on other parts of the back, spine, and legs. Ass massage helps prevent muscle pain, strain, and damage.

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#2. Benefit of Ass massage for leg pain

Like the back, your legs rely on your butt’s glute muscles to coordinate a lot of important activities, from walking and running to moving from sitting and standing positions. When the glutes aren’t working properly for the lower half of the body, you may experience symptoms, including leg pain.

Butt massage may help relieve leg pain caused by:

  1. bursitis, a condition where fluid-filled sacs for cushioning your joints become inflamed and painful
  2. inactivity of the glutes or the gluteal muscles not working properly
  3. tight muscles, caused by over activity, lack of stretching, or improper exercise

#3. Improved range of movement

If the muscles in your buttocks become weak from lack of use or inflamed because of overuse, infection, or other irritation, you may experience difficulty with muscle movement. Tight glutes can be uncomfortable, and they can even limit how well you move.

Butt massage can ease the tightness in these muscles. A physical therapist or massage therapist can then work with you to stretch these muscles. This can help you slowly regain range of motion and improve strength and circulation.

#4. Improved athletic performance

Glutes that don’t activate properly or aren’t as efficient and strong as they could be can hamper athletic activities. Weak glutes can also increase your risk of injury.

Athletes work with trainers and other fitness experts to exercise glutes and muscles of the lower body. They also work with physical therapists and massage therapists to stretch and massage these large muscles, deep in the buttocks, lower back, and upper legs. Massage can help athletes perform better and bounce back from injury faster.

#5. Benefit of ass massage for Pregnancy

Excess weight in your abdomen can put unusually high amounts of stress and strain on the muscles in your back. During pregnancy, this weight and strain may grow as the baby grows.

Prenatal massage will focus on overall muscle relaxation, but a butt massage may be particularly helpful for expecting mothers. Relaxing and stretching these muscles may help you have better posture and experience less pain overall.

#6. Benefit of butt massage during Sensual Activity

Massage is a wonderful way to show physical affection. After all, touch is a powerful sensation, and massage is all about connecting with the power of touch.

For some people, a butt massage is a fun form of foreplay. For others, it’s a sensual activity that’s undertaken very seriously. No matter how you approach it, a little push on the tush from time to time may be a fun way to spice things up in the bedroom.

In this realm, there’s no right or wrong way to do a butt massage. Have fun, and listen to your partner’s response or reaction.

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Who can administer a butt or ass massage?

Physical therapists and massage therapists can both do butt massages. They are specially trained to stretch and manipulate these muscles for relaxation, strengthening, and recovery.

Physical therapists will likely perform the massage during a physical therapy appointment. It may be done in conjunction with a number of stretches or exercises.

A massage therapist can do a butt massage as part of an all-body massage. You can also ask them to specifically focus on the butt and any areas of pain or discomfort.

Medical insurance is unlikely to cover massage therapy, but some may cover massage therapy with a note and prescription from your doctor. The chance of insurance coverage is higher if the massage is performed for medically necessary reasons.

In many cases, medical insurance will cover massage as part of an appointment with a physical therapist as prescribed by a physician. Before you make an appointment, however, call your insurance company to verify what’s covered and what additional paperwork might be necessary to have the procedure covered.

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Butt massage techniques

A massage therapist is trained to use several techniques for butt massage. These can include Swedish, deep-tissue, and sports massages. Each of these techniques has [read more] individual benefits for the glutes.

You can also use foam rollers to help massage and stretch the muscles in your butt at home. This is especially helpful after a workout. Foam rollers push on trigger points, or sore areas, in your muscles. Pushing against the tense muscles can help them release and relax. This can boost circulation and improve recovery too.

Does massaging your buttocks make it bigger?

Yes! Ass or butt massage is an effective way to get a bigger butt or ass. Massaging your ass increases blood flow and its circulation. As the blood circulates, it creates more tissues around the butt area, thereby making your butt bigger. Massaging your butt is also a good way to avoid and treat hip dips.

Similarly, olive oil and Vaseline are a good mix for butt enlargement. The mixture of olive oil and Vaseline has multiple benefits for your skin. It is also a famous cream to help you increase your butt size.

Can Vaseline or petroleum jelly increase buttocks size?

That is true! Yes! A life test conducted on 20 women revealed that robbing Vaseline (petroleum jelly) on your ass before going to bed can help increase your buttocks size two sizes up.

Will a massage therapist massage your glutes?

Yes! Massage therapist are professionally trained to help you relieve built up tension in your muscles tissues. These tissues also include the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus which are the various gluteal muscles that constitutes your buttocks.

What causes muscle knots in buttocks?

Muscle knots in the buttocks is caused by excessive tight bands of muscle known as myofascial trigger points (knots). Trigger points knots occasionally forms within the gluteal muscles due to lower back injuries, pelvic instability or overuse of the gluteal muscles. This can cause shortening of muscle and soft tissue, increased pressure on local tissue and nerves and subsequent pain.

Do you have pressure points in your butt?

There are 3 major trigger point areas in the buttocks muscle that generally refer pain to the low back, across the ilium, to the sacrum, and the lateral/posterior buttock. Trigger points in the gluteus medius may result in secondary or “satellite” trigger points forming in the piriformis, gluteus minimus, or gluteus maximus.


Ass massage is an efficient way to relax muscles, boost circulation, and improve the strength of your glutes. Trained physical therapists and massage therapists can help you treat symptoms and improve your overall strength in these muscles.

Don’t fret about asking your massage therapist for a little rub in the behind. It’s purely professional. However, in the comfort of your bedroom, a butt massage can be a fun activity if your partner’s derriere just does something for you. In that case, the massage is entirely meant to turn you on.



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