How to Cook Vegetable Soup with Ugu and Water leaf 2022

how to cook vegetable soup with ugu and water leaf

I’ve received a lot of calls to teach people how to cook vegetable soup with ugu and water leaf, and many other Nigerian recipes. Maybe because I’m a Nigerian. To assuage this inundating demands, freeFITNESSHUB.COM have called a certified Chef and a Nutritionist to discuss the topic.

In addition to the post, we’ve attached a video of the step-by-step procedure for cooking vegetable soup with ugu and waterleaf. So, if you don’t fancy reading lengthy blog posts, you can just watch the video.

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What is Nigerian Vegetable Soup?

Nigerian vegetable soup is a local delicacy indigenous to the Igbo-speaking tribe of Nigeria, says Oliver Ogbu. There are also assorted varieties in other parts of Nigeria, for instance, Adikaikong in south-south Nigeria, Efo Riro in the south-western Nigeria and many other similar dishes in other parts of Africa.

Nigerian-Igbo vegetable soup is a nutrition-packed delicacy. It is prepared with fresh whole foods and natural produce β€” majorly vegetables, meat and seafood.

This post aims to teach you how to cook vegetable soup with ugu and water leaf – the Nigerian way (Igbo vegetable soup). In addition to guiding you on how to cook vegetable soup with ugu and waterleaf, this article will recommend some American Ingredient (Substitutes for most of the local ingredients used in vegetable soup preparation).

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And finally, after you must have learnt how to cook vegetable soup, this post will tell you what to enjoy this delicious soup with.

Let’s start by showing you the various ingredients used in vegetable soup preparation.

Major Condiments Used in Vegetable Soup Preparation

Vegetable soup ingredients include meat such as beef, goat meat or chicken; seafood such as snail, dried and stock fish; and vegetables.

The vegetable used in Nigerian vegetable soup preparation is pumpkin leaf (locally known as Ugu by the Igbos and Ikong Ubong by the Efiks and Ibibios).

A small portion of water leaf is also often added in vegetable soup preparation to soften the Ugu. Water leaf gives the soup a better feel and give you a magical taste when eating this meal (πŸ˜‹).

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