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how to cook ogbono soup that really draws

How to cook ogbono soup with ugu, water leaf or bitter leaf

Do you wish to learn how to cook ogbono soup with ugu, water leaf or bitter leaf? If yes, then you’re in the right place. This piece is a comprehensive guide on how to cook ogbono soup with ugu, water leaf or bitter leaf.

Ogbono Soup is a variety of Nigerian Igbo soup which draws. Also referred to as “Ogbono draw soup”, the soup is very popular among the Igbo-speaking tribe of Nigeria. As expressed earlier, this post is a guide designed to teach you how to how to cook ogbono soup with ugu, water leaf or bitter leaf. So, if you wish to, among other things, learn how to cook ogbono soup with ugu, water leaf or bitter leaf, then kindly read to the end, and you won’t be disappointed.

Nigeria is blessed with organic and fresh foods and vegetables. The country’s heritage is most pronounced when you start considering their various delicacies, such as Egusi soup, vegetable soup, afang soup, fisherman soup, Nigerian Jellof Rice, etc.

Nigerian soups, especially Igbo soups are as delicious as fantasy.

In this article, I will discuss the nutritional value and health benefits of ogbono soup and also teach you how to cook ogbono soup with ugu, water leaf or bitter leaf the Nigerian way – either alone, or with okra.

What is Ogbono Soup (Draw Soup)?

Before we go into a broad discussion about how to cook ogbono soup with ugu, water leaf or bitter leaf, let us define ogbono soup.

How to Cook Ogbono Soup with Ugu
ogbono soup picture

Ogbono soup, is a Nigerian igbo draw soup delicacy made with blended dry Irvingia gabonensis fruit seed (locally known as ogbono) with a lot of native or local variation. The blended irvingia gabonensis fruit seeds are used as a thickener for the draw soup.

The ingredients used in preparing this delicious draw soup include (apart from the ground seed, water and palm oil) meat and/or fish; seasonings such as pepper, vegetables such as ugu, water leaf and bitter leaf and other local vegetables.

Commonly used seasonings are chiles, onions, and iru, ogiri okpei or dawadawa – these are all fermented locust beans). Commonly used meats are beef, goat, chicken, bush meat, fish, shrimp, or crayfish.

It is eaten with eba, fufu or with pounded yam. Ogbono draw soup can be seen anywhere in the world. However, they may be in packaged prepared form.

They can be found in some markets that specialize in Western African foods, particularly Nigerian foods. Ogbono draw soup has a mucilaginous or slimy texture, just like okra soup. In fact, you can decide to add okra to your ogbono draw soup.

Basic Facts About Nigerian Ogbono Draw Soup

Ogbono draw soup is a rich source of dietary fibre. Thus, it is reputed for containing medicinal properties that prevents constipation.

It is sleekly and draws, just like okra. It is very healthy and has no known severe side effects. The health benefits of ogbono soup are enormous.

These are frequently asked questions about the health benefits of ogbono draw soup and its nutritional value (the answers are also provided):

  • Can I eat ogbono draw soup while pregnant? YES!
  • Can a nursing mother eat ogbono draw soup? YES!
  • Can an hypertensive patient eat ogbono draw soup? YES!
  • Can a gluten intolerant patient eat ogbono draw soup? YES!
  • Can a toddler eat ogbono draw soup? YES!
  • Is ogbono draw soup high in calories? NO!
  • Does ogbono soup aid fertility in men and women? YES!
  • Are there any confirmed side effects of ogbono soup? there is no medically proven side effects.
  • Is ogbono soup fattening? NO!
  • Can ogbono soup boost sperm count? YES!

The health benefits of ogbono soup cannot be over-emphasized.

Record has it that instant ogbono soup powder is a good source of Vitamin B2 and Vitamin C. The increase in Vitamin B2 content may be due to the addition of fluted pumpkin (Ugu) leaf which is believed to be rich in vitamins.

Ogbono Soup pictures

Some pictures of palatable ogbono soup:

Learn how to cook ogbono soup with ugu, water leaf or bitter leaf

This subhead discusses how to prepare ogbono soup with ugu, water leaf or bitter leaf. To start your preparation of ogbono soup with ugu, water leaf or bitter leaf, first collect the measure of ogbono powder you wish to use.

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Ogbono Soup Recipe

Ogbono draw soup recipe include – palm oil, dry fish, meat, stock fish, crayfish, salt, onion, pepper, maggi, pumpkin or ogu leaf (in the alternative you can use bitterleaf, oha leaf or ahara). You may also wish to cook the ogbono alone, or add okra for more freshness and beauty.

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How to Cook Ogbono Draw Soup

  • Steam your meat with your dry fish, stock fish and any other protein source you may want to add (some persons add kanda or kpomo);
  • If you are using fresh fish add after 5 minutes of steaming on moderate heat.
  • After 5 minutes of steaming, add your oil, crayfish, seasoning – iru, ogiri okpei, or dawadawa and pepper.
  • After 6 minutes, add the sliced okra.
  • Allow to steam for 2 minutes under moderate heat
  • Then add your vegetable (If ugu, extinguish after 2 minutes, if any other, extinguish after 4 minutes). VOOLAA! your ogbono is ready.

Believe me, the health benefit of ogbono soup is enormous.

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Ogbono soup is filled with health benefits. The soup is not toxic, not poisonous, and okay for pregnant women who need these nutrients from their growing babies.

If you are a picky eater, you should try ogbono soup. Some kids naturally don’t like foods that require them to swallow. If you have such kids, introduce them to ogbono soup prepared with okra.

Also when you’re starting to introduce your weaning baby to solid foods, try ogbono soup, and you will be amazed what you will see.

Health Benefits Of Ogbono Soup Especially During Pregnancy

Below are the major health benefits of ogbono soup:

  1. It reduces the rate of weight gain
  2. It controls the level of cholesterol in the body
  3. Since it has no sugar content, it reduces the chances of diabetes
  4. Ogbono soup is a rich source of proteins. Therefore, it helps bodybuilding, especially for the unborn baby.
  5. Ogbono soup helps solve constipation because it contains dietary fibre.
  6. It digests easily thereby reduces the possibility of bloating and constipation, especially during pregnancy.

Other Health Benefits of Ogbono Soup Include:

  1. It does not contain carbs, therefore, it is good for weight management especially during pregnancy.
  2. Ogbono controls the levels of serum cholesterol.
  3. It has anti-diabetic constituents, thus it has the capabilities of reducing increased blood glucose levels in obese patients.
  4. Ogbono soup is a balanced diet because it is prepared with major nutrients consisting of all the classes of food.

If you have any comment or question, let us talk in the comment section.

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