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Do you wish to know more about Kettle corn, Kettle corn calories and other nutrition information of the kettle corn? If your answer is yes, then this is the right place to be.

This post will focus on the amount of calorie in kettle corn and other nutrition information of the kettle corn. We will tell you just how much calories are in the kettle corn.

What is Kettle Corn?

Kettle Corn (also known as Popcorn) is a whole grain and a good source of fiber. It is a unique sweet and salty flavor corn which is popped under microwave temperature or other heat and garnished with flavors such as butter, milk and sugar before it is enjoyed as a fun snack.

Also referred to as popcorn, kettle corn is enjoyed by all – kids and adults alike. Your outdoor sit-out is rarely complete without a kettle corn.

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Overview of the kettle corn

The exceptional sweet, savory and seemingly briny taste of kettle corn has made it a popular treat at fairgrounds and outdoor festivals world over. Because of its popularity, the sweet and savory snack is also available in many grocery stores in either a pre-popped form or a microwave-ready version.

Popcorn is actually a nutritious snack, but the ingredients added to the corn can pack in excess calories and fat.

Historical Background of the Kettle Corn

Traditionally, kettle corn was first popped in a large kettle without oil and then garnished with honey and salt. Over time, granulated sugar began to replace honey in the traditional recipe. This was because granulated sugar became readily available in the mid-18th century to late 18th century.

Today, with the growth in food tech and the sophistication of the time, most kettle corn recipes start with whole grain popping corn and contain oil, salt and sugar.

Nutrition Information

Under this head, we will discuss the calories in kettle corn and (in addition to kettle corn calories) other nutrition information of the kettle corn. They are as follows:

Calories in the Kettle Corn

Kettle corn calories is not static. It largely depends on the preparation of the popcorn. The flavor used in the making of the popcorn greatly influences kettle corn calories stat.

What is the amount of calories in kettle corn?

Kettle corn has approximately 195 calories, 7.5 grams of fat, 32 grams of carbohydrate and 1.5 grams of protein in a 3-cup serving. In addition to this, it contains 195 milligrams of sodium, 9 grams of sugar and 3 grams of dietary fiber.

On the other hand, a microwave version of kettle corn contains around 100 calories and 8 grams of fat per 3-cup serving. This shows that one of the best ways of preparing the kettle corn is by using a microwave.

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Fiber in Kettle Corn

The preparation of kettle corn begins with plain popping corn, which is actually a healthy snack. The fact that kettle corn is healthy is supported by expert opinion.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that a 3-cup serving of popcorn counts as a 1-ounce equivalent of whole grain. The department reported further that Popcorn is a good source of dietary fiber and antioxidants.

Another authority attesting to the benefits of kettle corn are the reports from some scientists from the University of Scranton. These Scientists at the University of Scranton found that popcorn hulls contain disease-fighting polyphenols, which protect your cells from free radical damage.

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Is Kettle Corn a Healthy Option on the Midway?

Kettle corn is low in calories and fat, it contains only 90 calories and a gram of fat in a 3-cup serving. The sugar, salt and oil that are added to make kettle corn may considerably boost the calorie and fat content. However, kettle corn still has some nutritional value because the valuable nutrients found in popcorn.

Kettle corn is a safe option for every outdoor treat. Therefore, if you are searching for a tasty and savory treat at the fair that’s not going to leave you with a heavy dose of guilt, kettle corn may be one of your healthier options among all the deep-fried foods on the midway.


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