How Long Does It Take to Get Rehydrated After Work-Out? – 2 Hours?

how long does it take to get rehydrated

What is rehydration? How long does it take to get rehydrated before training? 

Rehydration may refer to fluid replacement therapy, which may use several routes. Rehydration may also be defined as restoring water content in previously dehydrated objects.

In the field of physiology, the term dehydration is used to describe a condition where there is a  deficiency in total body water, which leads to the disruption of metabolic processes in the body.

Dehydration normally occurs when free water loss exceeds free water intake, usually due to exercise, disease, or high environmental temperature. Mild dehydration can also be caused by immersion diuresis, which may increase risk of decompression sickness in divers.

Most people can tolerate a three-four percent decline in total body water without difficulty or adverse health effects. A five – eight percent decline in total body water can cause fatigue and dizziness.

Loss of over ten percent of total body water can cause physical and mental deterioration, accompanied by severe thirst. Death occurs at a loss of between fifteen and twenty-five percent of the body water. Mild dehydration is characterised by thirst and general discomfort and is usually resolved with oral rehydration.

Dehydration can cause hypernatremia (high levels of sodium ions in the blood) and is distinct from hypovolemia (loss of blood volume, particularly blood plasma).

Some experts say it takes just about forty-five minutes to get rehydrated after working-out or after an exercise session. The common idea has been that for rehydration to occur, you have to take as much water as possible.

A study has been credited with reporting that to get hydrated, you have to drink more than your body request of you. This is indeed ridiculous, because it does not represent the true state of affair.


It has been shown that to get hydrated, you are to take 600ml of water forty-five minutes prior to your exercise. This routine has also shown to be efficacious in helping you get fully hydrated from being mildly dehydrated.

How Long Does It Take to Get Rehydrated According to Tested Experiments?

A certain study was carried out on 10 athletic men and women. These people are aged about 25 years of age and who are almost 160 pounds. They were asked to come to the testing lab dehydrated.

To ensure their state of dehydration, their hydration status was determined by ascertaining by measurement, the urine-specific-gravity- their pee was collected.

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After these, these subjects were fed an assorted variety of water-based nutrients and solution – watermelon, water, Gatorade and some other meals. Their hydration was then measured as in before at thirty, forty-five and sixty minutes after taking the water based solution.

The participants went from being mildly dehydrated to becoming fully hydrated in forty-five minutes by taking about 600mL of water or water solution. Note that this article is only focusing on getting hydrated before exercise, and the participants here were mildly dehydrated.

They had not engaged in any exercise before taking the fluid or water-based solution. Summarily, we advise that if you wish to achieve the best result in your workout session, you must take some cups or glasses or bottles of water 45 minutes to one hour before the exercise. This routine will help you achieve an optimal result.

I’ve read from different sources that taking certain magic mixtures of unicorn blood, salt and ginseng root helps you gain hydration before your exercise routine. I must say that this not scientifically proven. Note that your plain water is all you need to get hydrated.

Getting Hydrated After Exercise Session

Post-workout re-hydration is a ball game of its own. Studies has shown that after losing a lot of water during your HIIT workouts or other exercises, taking a drink having electrolytes will aid you get rehydrated faster than taking water alone. So, before going out for your workouts or exercise sessions, ensure to tale at least 600mL of water 45 minutes before the exercise.



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