How BJJ Drilling Can Enhance Your Performance At BJJ Tournaments

Do you know that BJJ drilling can help you enhance your performance at the BJJ tournaments?

There is a basic trait that is found in the world best athletes. That is the huge amount of time they expend on drills and training. For instance, Cristiano Ronaldo is reputed to have achieved a great milestone because of the extra hours he dedicates to football train.

The story is not different with BJJ. To achieve great result in the sport, you must dedicate time to BJJ drilling.

Regrettably, majority of Brazilian jiu jitsu athlete do not dedicate their time to BJJ drilling aside the usual training.  

BJJ drilling has high potentials of refining your entire being and changing your life. This is irrespective of the great body conditioning which it enhances.

Types of BJJ Drilling and BJJ Conditioning

There are basically two categories of drills that shapes you up and give you the right BJJ conditioning. These are:

1. Technique BJJ Drill

This category of drill involves the learning and practising the various techniques of BJJ. You learn the numerous Brazilian jiu jitsu techniques and make effort to perfect them.

We have stated earlier that jiu jitsu is a lifestyle and the more jiu jitsu techniques you learn, the less you use. But you cannot use jiu jitsu techniques unless you learn many techniques.

To appropriately understand the psychology behind this saying you have to learn a lot of techniques by engaging in BJJ drills.

Do not make the mistake of trying to learn all the techniques at once. Doing so will only give you half-baked knowledge about each technique. Try to master one technique at a time before moving to another. This will help you build your strategy and skills to withstand any competitor.

Technical drills, unlike movement drills, are not done in a rush.

While performing your technical drills you must pay keen attention to every small detail. You mustn’t miss anything. Paying attention to detail is paramount here. You slowly repeat each technique at intervals and record improvements on every repeated interval.

The grand aim of this drill to ensure you leave the drill better than you started.

2. BJJ Movement Drills

BJJ drilling may also be categories under movement drills. You also need to learn specialised movements that will help you at the BJJ competitions.

Movement drills adopts the same routine or methods as technique drills. The major distinguishing factor is that movements drills are targeted at increasing your speed as you use the techniques.

It often comes to the point where the person with the better speed takes the most out the competition. This is always the case where both competitors know the techniques too well. You must endeavour to beef up you speed by taking up frequent movement drills as well as techniques drills.

Movement drills also help in conditioning and timing.

Mastering your techniques may not benefit you much if you do not know when to use it.

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BJJ Drill Routine

The best way to learn and ingrain the principles and strategies of BJJ is by making a routine of your BJJ drills.

When you repeat a routine often and often, it eventually becomes a part of you. You exhibit them by impulse. That is why Jiu Jitsu is described as a lifestyle.

There are two basic BJJ drill routines which we recommend for you –

a. Repetition Drill Routine

This BJJ drill routine requires you to perform a particular technique repeatedly within a set time – usually set between 5 to 10 minutes.

This technique is more fun when you are training with a partner. If you have a training partner, you can alternate repetitions when the set time.

b. Timed Drill Routine

This routine is most appropriate for movement drills as it is aimed at enhancing speed and conditioning. The timer her is set at a lesser duration – say 30 seconds, and you do as many repetitions as you can within the limited time.

If you have a training partner, you can alternate intervals and record your individual progress level. This is also helpful as it will allow you to rest between intervals.


Recording high performance at BJJ is most unlikely if you do not give extra time to training and drills.

You must understand that jiu jitsu is a lifestyle and you can only imbibe its tenets if you make your drills a part of you.

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