How a Skinny Teen Can Gain More Weight

If you are a skinny teen and wish to gain more muscle weight, you have to grow your muscles naturally to make them stronger and enduring.

Being a skinny teen is amazing. People naturally tend to grow more weight as they grow older. most of the amazing throw back moments for adults is the memory of their teen days and their unbelievable and incomparable skinny teen gait.

However, as a teen, you probably have friends who have better body build up, and you are searching for ways to grow stronger muscles in certain body parts. Do not worry, this article is for you. We will show you exactly how you can gain more weight without hurting yourself.

Body Variations of Teens

Naturally, teens – especially guys – grow extra muscle weight as they approach adulthood. You begin to see the growth in the thoracic regions and in the arm and legs.

However, since genetic makeup significantly differs, these growth differs in different teens. Some teens come up heavily built while others become skinny teens.

Some skinny teens have a body type that may prevent them from growing muscle weight, thereby depriving them of their dreams of looking like a muscular model.

However, constant training has shown that improvement can be recorded by training your strength to accommodate heavier muscles.

Important Tip

Do not overexert your muscles. That can be dangerous. Consult a qualified and competent fitness trainer who can help you build your muscles appropriately.

Also note that you can achieve and reach your optimal body weight if you train consistently and in accordance to the guidelines set by your fitness coach.

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Suggested Training Routines to Help a Skinny Teen Build Muscles

how a skinny teen can gain more weight

The best way to start off is to build your strength by engaging on weight exercises such as pull-ups and sit-ups.

Do not engage in weight lifting if your trainer did not specifically instruct you to. Once you get an authorisation to begin weight-lighting, start out by lighting lighter weight.

Practice proper lifting techniques before trying out extreme weight-lifting exercises such as bench presses and lat pull-downs.

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Do not strain your muscles too much. Only do three sets of seven to ten repetitions of the exercise. Begin with a light weight and gradually add weightier cranes or increase the weight for the subsequent two sets.

All muscle groups should be exercised. Therefore, you must pick exercises which can grow the muscles in the chest, abs, arms, shoulder, back and legs.

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Skinny Teen Muscle-Building Foods

Athletic teens, because of the energy dissipated in exercise, tend to need more protein than sedentary teens.

Diets such as lean meat, egg, dairy foods, peanut butter, nuts and fish are rich sources of protein for teens.

You also need carbohydrates, fat, calcium and iron to help you build muscles fast. Healthy fats such as vegetable oil and carbohydrates such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables will offer you long-lasting energy. Calcium from dairy foods will help you prevent stress fractures; and iron from foods such as leafy greens and lean red meats will carry oxygen to your muscles.

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Safety Tips

One of the most prudent and efficient practice in the fitness industry is “Never begin a weight-training routine without warming up and never end a routine without cooling down”.

Warm up by getting in five to ten minutes of light aerobic activities such as walking distance or mile walk, and cool down your muscles by doing some gentle stretching.

allow your body enough rest by taking in at least one day off the gym to recover lost energy. You may limit your training to two or three sessions weekly.


As a skinny Teenager who want to build muscles, you have to be careful about the information out there. There are a lot of skinny teenage muscle building programmes out there. Be sure the handlers are experts and can help you achieve your goal. Always remember that eating healthy meals and moderating your excess calories is one of the best ways to achieve your skinny teenager transformation.

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