Emma Hunton’s Weight Loss: Good Trouble Interview on Rumored Weight Loss

Emma Hunton's weight loss rumors

Emma Hunton’s weight loss has taken her fans by surprise!

Find here all the details on Emma Hunton’s dramatic weight loss, which has shocked her fans. What is her diet and exercise regimen?

Good Trouble follows Callie Adams and Mariana Adams, two of The Fosters’ main characters, as they relocate to Los Angeles and embark on the next chapter of their lives.

In her biggest small-screen role yet, Emma Hunton plays Davia, a recurring character known for her honest, no-holds-barred outlook on life. Since its premiere in January 2019, the show has received positive feedback and is now in its third season.

On a personal level, Emma Hunton’s dramatic weight loss has surprised many of her fans.

This has resulted in numerous online inquiries about her envious physical transformation.

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Emma Hunton’s Weight Loss: How Did She Get There?

Emma Hunton before and after she lost weight
Emma Hunton before and after she lost weight

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Emma Hunton stunned her fans when she appeared on our screens recently. The Good Trouble actress appears much slimmer than in previous photos, sparking speculation about her weight loss.

In response to the rumors, Hunton took to Instagram and posted a stunning mirror selfie, writing:

Don’t you just want to yank the band-aid off? I recently divorced. You can now stop asking me how I lost weight. Damn ☹️

Fans were quick to congratulate her, with one writing:

I just wanted to say that you were, are, and will always be beautiful. Whatever your size. Some of these comments have pushed body positivity and fat liberation back a decade. ❤️

Others were curious about her diet and fitness routine because she appears “amazing.” Some speculated that she might not be eating well as a result of her recent divorce, and stress is often associated with weight loss.

Many fans couldn’t believe she was the same actress who played the “fat girl” on Good Trouble. One person thought she was wearing a fat suit or something for the show, which was quite amusing.

It’s not uncommon for a person’s weight to fluctuate over time. Emma Hunton’s body on the show, like the ones she posts on Instagram, is real.

While Emma has yet to reveal the true reason for her weight loss (intentional or not), there’s no denying she’s always looked stunning. Meanwhile, her slimmer physique serves as an inspiration for people who want to lose weight in order to successfully tackle health issues.

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Emma Hunton of ‘Good Trouble’ Discusses Body Positivity

It’s difficult not to admire social media celebrities who have a few thousand followers and guide and determine how we should live our lives in order to make the world a better place.

And, despite their flawless Instagram uploads and amusing tweets, it can be difficult to live your life under the constant scrutiny of people who only know you by your social media handle.

Davia, played by the stunning Emma Hunton in Good Trouble, is a prime example of this. While subtly editing her flaws, the character maintains a body-positive Instagram page. So, what’s the story behind this paradox?

Davia Moss is a Freeform spin-off show The Fosters social media personality. The vocal teacher, who runs a popular Instagram page about body positivity, shares an apartment with Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Mariana (Cierra Ramirez).

Davia’s character, on the other hand, has drawn criticism — not for her insufferably arrogant Instagram slogan, but for her interactions with other characters and the lengths she is willing to go for personal gain.

Growing up with a bullying mother who constantly made her feel bad about her weight explains some of her previous behavior. But that was in the first season; season two investigated why Davia acts the way she does.

Hunton stated,

I believe (for the first time) we see Davia caring about someone other than herself. It forces her to mature and find her place in the adult world.

She continued,

Davia’s newfound friendship with Dennis, I believe, brings out a softer side of her, and I’m having a great time finding those beautiful, complicated moments that help shape who she is.

Hunton admits that, as engrossing as the experience of portraying Davia has been, it has not been without its challenges.

She remembered,

In the first episode, I had to blow dry my hair naked in the mirror on my first day on set. Even though I wasn’t naked, I was only wearing pasties and underwear. I barely knew the cast, let alone the crew (all of whom are wonderful, brilliant, talented, and caring people)

I also had a minor panic attack in the trailer, which could have easily put me out of commission.

Fortunately, Hunton appears to live by the same positive energy mantra that her character does. In response to the issue, she stated:

I asked myself why I was feeling this way, and I realized it was because I had never seen anyone like me growing up, and I needed to be uncomfortable now so that someone watching me wouldn’t be uncomfortable later.

Good Trouble has received critical acclaim for its inclusion and diversity, as well as the complex portrayal of niche characters that we rarely see on television — something Hunton attributes to her feeling inspired by the character of Davia.

It felt so liberating: Sure, I’d seen fat girls on TV before, but they were always used to mock their own bodies or to make fun of someone else’s. It’s unusual to see a curvy girl praised for being attractive or even sexually active. Everyone’s joke has us as the punchline.

Hunton is drawn to her character’s unwillingness to accept this as fact, at least in the way she was raised to believe it was her truth. The actress has felt more liberated since meeting Davia. She hopes that her story will inspire others to have the courage to be free as well.

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