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Aesthetician and Esthetician | Definitions and Differences 2022

Aesthetician vs Esthetician: Definitions and Differences … A lot of confusion exists, especially among lay people, about the difference between an Aesthetician and an Esthetician. Aestheticians and estheticians are both professionals in the skincare industry. Although their job titles sound quite similar, they don’t perform the same duties. An Aestheticians is a skincare personnel who […]

Live Well Scholarships & Opportunities

Columbia University Occupational Therapy Program 2022

The Columbia University Occupational Therapy programs are great opportunities for career seekers who wish to become Occupational therapist. Occupational Therapists are very scarce in our world today. This is despite the high demand for these therapists world over. The demand for Occupational therapist in Europe increased by 300% in 2020. This is an Untapped profession, […]

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Royal Commonwealth Society USA Scholarship

The Royal Commonwealth Society USA is a non-governmental organization. It is made up of individuals and organizations dedicated to improving the lives of Commonwealth citizens across the world. The Society supports the value of the Commonwealth. The values of the commonwealth are literacy, equality, and inclusion. This scholarship – Royal Commonwealth Society USA Scholarship is […]