Applesauce Benefits and Nutrition

The saying “eating one apple a day keeps the doctor away” is as old as time. Apple has over the years proved itself to be of great health benefit. 

Apple is a vital source of nutrition, especially vitamin C and fibre. Applesauce benefits are as of apple itself. Applesauce itself does not contain any fat and is very low in calories, except where you chose to add some sweeteners to it.

Nutrients Enabling Applesauce Benefits

There are various nutrients in applesauce. These nutrients optimise applesauce benefits as they are important and helps the you stay fit and live healthier. These applesauce benefits include:

  • Low calorie/fat;
  • Applesauce as a source of fibre;
  • As a rich source of vitamin C; and
  • Applesauce as an Ingredient

Low Calorie and Fat in Applesauce

A cup serving of applesauce without sweetener has about 100 calories. It is satisfying; and is a filling snack when taken alone. You can have a balanced meal combining applesauce with a little measure of almond or a dollop of peanut butter.

This mixture would provide you with a meal which is packed with healthy nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates and healthy butter.

Important Tips to Help You Enjoy This Applesauce Benefits

Just as apple contains no calorie, so is applesauce when consumed alone without any sweetener. The calories often seen in applesauce come naturally occurring fructose with produces sugar.

To enjoy applesauce benefit, you are therefore advised to avoid sweetened applesauce. Sweetened applesauce is reputed to contain high volumes of fructose corn syrup or sucrose.

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Applesauce as a Source of Fibre

Both applesauce and apple juice contain relatively the same amount of calorie. However, applesauce contains pectin, which is a form of fibre. This makes applesauce a healthier dietary option.

Dietary fibre helps the digestive system to function regularly. This also is also filling as it takes a longer time to digest.

It is argued by promoters of applesauce that “you do not just fill fuller when you take applesauce instead of apple juice, you literally remain fuller.”

Important Tips to Help You Enjoy This Applesauce Benefits

One of the major applesauce benefits is that it contains fibre with is rich and important for your general body functionality. Learning how to tap this nutrient is relevant and would help you employ the best dietary practice.

It is therefore advised that you add applesauce to your dish. Example, you can add it to your lunch or dinner, or add a spoonful of applesauce to your yogurt for dessert to increase the amount of fibre in your meal.

Applesauce as a Rich Source of Vitamin C

Applesauce acting alone do not contain enough vitamin C, however, because producer always add a lot of vitamin C nutrient to the applesauce, it provides as much as 75 percent of our daily vitamin C needs.

Taking applesauce for vitamin C is the best substitute for citrus fruit. Despite the reputation enjoyed by citrus fruit in respect to vitamin C, applesauce is proving itself a good contender.

How to Enjoy This Applesauce Benefits?

You are advised to go for applesauce that has Vitamin C additive. You can recognise from the label of the drink. Often times, applesauce with vitamin C are listed as ascorbic acid. This term is the same as vitamin C.

Ascorbic acid is an important vitamin as well as a preservative. Consequently, producer always add the vitamin to applesauce.

If you do not want to buy from a store; you want to make your own, you may visit a store for ascorbic acid for juice. You may also prepare your applesauce and enjoy numerous other applesauce benefits without adding this nutrient. Only that the applesauce will contain a little amount of vitamin C.

Applesauce Benefits as an Ingredient

Applesauce without any additive is a very sumptuous and amazing treat. As an ingredient, it lessens the calorie volume of baked foods. It also provides a delicious glaze for roasted meats.

According to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, it is recommended that you swap some quantity (say half) of your regular food ingredients or recipes such as  butter, margarine, shortening or oil component with applesauce.



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