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5 Lessons Gathered from Joe Rogan BJJ Experience

We gathered some invaluable BJJ lessons from the Joe Rogan BJJ Experience Podcast. The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast has a 3-hour duration and hosts a variety of guests ranging from BJJ masters, fighters, nutritionists, strength experts, etc.

During one of the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast which hosted Steve Maxwell, an acclaimed BJJ superstar, some invaluable insights were made about the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

These insights relate to BJJ new techniques, teaching BJJ, strategy vs strength in BJJ, training with BJJ injury, strength and conditioning for BJJ, how Jiu Jitsu can change your life and much more.

Joe Rogan BJJ Podcast On BJJ New Techniques

According to the Joe Rogan BJJ podcast, when you engage in BJJ, it gradually becomes a part of your basic reflexes.

The more you learn new BJJ skills, the less you use them. However, to use less BJJ skills, you have to learn more BJJ skills.

This is an antithesis that perfectly explains the spirit and logic of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Joe Rogan BJJ Podcast On Teaching BJJ

Teaching BJJ is one of the fastest and simplest ways to learn BJJ techniques and strategies. You can perfect your skills by teaching others. This is because, you would naturally want to make sure you know what you are teaching and that the information you are passing to your students are correct.

Kron Gracie, a guest on one of Roe Rogan’s podcast hinted that it you want to hone your BJJ skills, you can consider teaching others.

Strategy Vs Strength

Strength is not the main factor in Jiu Jitsu. A person with strength cannot withstand a player with the right strategy. Relying on strength in jiu jitsu is inappropriate as that defiles the major principles of jiu jitsu. When you place more reliance on strength it only brings the bully in you, and you may never get the coveted belt you aspire for.

A BJJ black belt – Steve Maxwell – had expressed his experience about how he was unable to get a brown belt because he was always a bully on the mat. He rather got a beat down from his own idol, Royce Gracie.

According to Kron Gracie, it is far honourable to outsmart your opponents using your jiu jitsu strategy and techniques than relying on strength. According to him, competing in a jiu jitsu is like playing the game of chess. 

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Training While Injured

One of the commonest mistakes most BJJ athletes have been credited with is paying less attention to their injuries. Most BJJ competitors enter into matches without going into the process of recovery. They give little care to their injuries.

Joe Rogan also shared his part in this as he recounted his moments of pain and injury on one of the Joe Rogan BJJ podcast.

According to Joe Rogan, getting medical attention when you are injured will help you get more time on the mat. He also advised that you should tap when you get out; there is no shame in getting submitted. You mustn’t win every day.

Joe Rogan BJJ Experience On How Jiu Jitsu Can Change Your Life

We’ve learnt from the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast that there is much more to Jiu Jitsu than meets the eyes. Jiu Jitsu is credited with not only transforming your body, but also the ability to refine your mind and improve the quality of your life.

According to Jiu Jitsu experts, participants are always reminded during drills that their body is magical.


Learning and understanding the underlining principles of Jiu Jitsu is important if you want to acquire the skills. It is a lifestyle not just a mere training or drill. You can also train to participate in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments.

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