4 Common Mistakes Made by Players at The BJJ Competition

The BJJ Competition (also referred to as the BJJ Competition) has been described as a tournament that is both mentally and physically challenging.

The reason for this is that in the Brazilian Jiu jitsu competition – BJJ competition – players and participants go through the anxious and nail-biting experience of watching and waiting for their division to be called. Having not even the slighted knowledge about when your division will be called would provoke some anxiety.

You may not be mentally and physically prepared when you are eventually called up as you may not have warmed up or have your meal settle appropriately.

Bigger tournaments are famous because they are properly managed and features are set-up and the timetable allotted a few days before the competitions.

Many competitors repeat some common mistakes at the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournaments –BJJ Competition –  every time, and this cause them their success. 

List of Common Mistakes Made by Competitors at the BJJ Competition

To come out with the desired result at the BJJ competition, there are certain mistakes you should endeavour to avoid.

Competing and scoring good points  in the BJJ tournament requires planning, and if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

The commonest mistakes made by competitors competing at the BJJ tournament include:

1. Failure to Plan and Make Weight Before the Tournament

The first plan you need to put in place is making weight. If you do not make weight before going for the tournament, you may waste the precious time you cod have used for your training to make weight.

It is poor planning to strain yourself just before weigh-ins to shred some pounds

You should have no excuse for failing to plan your weight before coming to the BJJ Competition.

Records show that many players suffer avoidable defeats because of poorly planned weight cuts. Cutting your weight to suit the exact weight class you are competing in may not help you achieve your desired result. In some tournaments, you may have up to 5 or more matches. If you do not properly plan your weight cut, you may have little or no strength to compete in the subsequent matches.


It is recommended that for competitions that allows weigh-ins the day before, that a week to the weigh-ins, you plan your weight to be about 10 pounds above your weight class.

For competitions that have weigh-ins same day as the competition, you should be about 5 pounds above your weight class a week before the weigh-ins.

If your weight is above the recommended pounds a week to the weigh-ins, you are advised to go to a higher weight class competition.

2. Failure to Warm Up Properly Before the BBJ Competition

Over 70% of the injuries recorded at BJJ Tournaments are as a result of improper warm-up sessions or failure to warm up at all. In a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament, competitors sit around a tournament all day, and when they are eventually called up, they are expected to record a 60 point from point zero.

Since you have limited time and space to practice, we suggest you exercise adequately before heading out to the tournament. Also learn some BJJ warm up basics you can practice in a minor area as you sit and wait at the competition.

You should warm up adequately and properly before your division is called. Exercises such as mobility works for your hips and shoulders may be helpful.

Recommended Warm Up Routines

There are certain body-weight exercises that are similar to the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu patterns.

You are advised to adopt the following routine and repeat them as much as possible:

  • 25 – 30 Hindu squats
  • Reverse lunges – 10 for each leg
  • Dive-bomber push-ups – 10 will be just fine
  • 10 sprawls; and
  • 10 wrestler sit outs

If your tournament has a big area for warm up, you can also engage in light rolling or partner drills.

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3. Failure to Focus on Recovery Before Next Match

Because of the increasing number of participants in the BJJ tournaments, competitors get to compete multiple times as matches increase. Immediately after your first outing, you need to start planning your recovery in preparation for the next match.

This is very important because at the later rounds of the game, a player who has had a better recovery would stand a better chance of winning the day.

Fluids, especially water with a pinch of sea salt has been acclaimed with a lot of post sports recovery magic wand. Other fluids with this potential include coconut water and glucose fluid. You are advised not to gulp them at a go, but leisurely and unhurriedly sip to obtain best result.

Immediately you have a balanced fluid level, you must give attention to your breath. We advise you to slowly take deep breath. This has a magical touch to your recovery.

4. Adopting a New Diet Routine Days or Weeks Before the Tournament

Many players fall into the temptation of changing their diet routine before the competition. This is bad planning.

Doing this will put you at risk of some unpredictable outcomes. It is advised that you stick to your usual diet before and during the tournament.

Changes to your diet is a no-no. if you wish you change your diet, the best time to do that is after the tournament.

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition is getting more interesting as every tournament come and pass by. This is not unconnected to the numerous attributed to the sport. People are finding their dreams fulfilled in this competition. It has few restrictions and the age bracket of participant is wide enough. You should prepare adequately for this competition to ensure you come out with a good result.

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